Measures and Goals

An important aspect of any plan is knowing how you will determine whether it is working or not. This is done through measures (what we will keep track of) and goals (the results we want to see).

Making Disciples
If our mission is to make mature disciples, then that is something we want to keep track of. In our view, a disciple is someone that is consistently saying “Yes!” to Jesus. That will look different for each person, but a true disciple should be obedient to whatever God has called them to. Our goal is to make 201 new disciples by the end of 2020.

A mature disciple should be able and willing to mentor new disciples, so our goal is to make 51 mature disciples who are both equipped to and who are mentoring new disciples by the end of 2020.

Lastly, we want OHC to be a church that sends disciples to share the Gospel for periods of time longer than a typical mission trip. Our goal is to send 7 disciples for a minimum of one year to share the Gospel with unreached or under-reached people around the world by the end of 2020.

Other Measures
While making disciples is the primary measure by which we evaluate our effectiveness, it is not the only indicator we have of the health of OHC. These fall into the broad categories of qualitative (quality) and quantitative (numerical) measures.

Qualitative Measures

  1. Is God being glorified and the Name of Jesus lifted high?
  2. Is it obvious that the Spirit is at work among us? Is our open time rich and deep with Spirit-led participation?
  3. Does our community view us as authentic followers of Jesus? Do our neighbors know we love Jesus and that we love them?
  4. Is our church characterized by the fruit of the Spirit?
  5. Do we have a missional mindset with a global perspective? Do we emphasize the Gospel, justice, mercy, and compassion?
  6. Are we a church that prays?

Quantitative Measures

  1. Survey results related to spiritual disciplines, the fruit of the Spirit, and participating in the mission of Jesus
  2. Giving towards world missions and other things outside of OHC
  3. Percentage of members heavily using their spiritual gifts for the benefit of others

These measures and goals themselves are not our mission; they only help us to fulfill our mission by keeping us on track and showing us areas to improve. If we are doing well according to these measures, we will most likely be doing well in fulfilling our mission and will be closer to seeing our vision become reality.