Over the past few months, we have discussed our Mission, Values, Strategies, and the Measures we will use to keep us on track (links below). These four components form a sort of picture frame around the Vision we have for OHC.

The Vision is the target we are aiming for, the result of living out all of the things we have talked about up to this point. It is the preferred future we want for OHC and each person that makes it up. It is the picture the frame was made for.

OHC: Striving to say “YES!” to Jesus at any cost.

What would a church like this look like? Its members would be like family. When one hurts, all would hurt. When one celebrates, all would celebrate. Each member would think more of others than themselves, and unity in diversity would be evident and guarded fervently. The hearts and minds of each member would be conformed to the truth of God.

It would be a church that goes more than asking others to come. It would be known more for what it does outside of its regular meetings, both collective and individually, than its great services. Yet when new people come, they would immediately be aware of the love that is present and that they can be a part of it.

It may never be really big, yet its reach would be global because so many of its members are being sent rather than staying around Athens. It may never have a lot of money because it is giving most of it away. It would never be ‘comfortable’ because so many things are more important than its own comfort.

It would be a church that says “No” to a lot of things, a lot of good things, because it has said “Yes” to the things Jesus has told it to do. It would be unapologetically focused on its role in fulfilling God’s mission yet open to the interruptions God brings its way.

This is what we want OHC to look like. We see glimpses of it at times, but we still have a ways to go to get there. This strategic plan can help, but the real work of growing and maturing will take place in the hearts and minds of the members of OHC. If this is what you want your church to look like, let’s join together in saying “YES!” to Jesus, no matter the cost.

The Mission
Values: Jesus is our One Hope
Values: Love God. Love People.
Values: Worship in Spirit and Truth
Values: Biblical Model
Values: A Diverse Family
Strategy: Participation in Prayer, Worship, and the Word
Strategy: Participation in Fellowship, Discipleship, and Missions
Strategy: Opportunities for Growth
Strategy: Inputs
Measures and Goals