Announcements for 11/12/2023

  • Please RSVP to Jonathan and Sarah’s wedding shower on December 2 via this link.
  • House Fellowships are Tuesday night at the Pepins’ and Wednesday at the Jordans’ at 6:30PM.
  • Young Ladies’ Book Study is tonight (November 12) at 5PM at the Armstrongs’.
  • Flea Market Outreach is November 18 from 9AM to 12PM. Please let Eduardo know if you plan on coming.

Summary of the November 6 OHC Leadership meeting:

  • Children
    • Sunday School children won’t go out to the playground if they are finished before the message is done.
    • Sunday, November 26 is the first Sunday where all people working with children must have Protect My Ministry clearance.
    • We’re working on how to communicate what/where/when of childcare and Sunday School to visitors.
  • Sunday Meeting
    • Claire will be running team role sign-ups for the remainder of the calendar year
      Discussed a number of practical upgrades for the space and setup process
  • The Advance
    • The Elders are discussing what approach to take with the Advance this year. Thoughts and input is appreciated!
  • Leadership
    • Elders (Chet, Derek, Marcus) and Deacons (Bonnie, Jess, Eduardo, Zach) are writing role descriptions so each person’s role is clear
  • Announcements and Website Upgrades
    • In progress with Zach