Announcements for 4/7/24

Vacation Bible School details from one of our Children’s Deacons, Jessica.

Our Vacation Bible School will take place in the evenings here at the YWCO on June 4, 5, and 6.

Our next Flea Market outreach lead by our Evangelism Deacon Eduardo is Saturday April 27 from 9am – 11am, at J&J Flea Market on 441.

Youth Events this semester are as follows, from 3PM – 5PM here at the YWCO: April 13, May 4.

Visitor cards are at the back table.

House Fellowships this week: Tuesday at 6:30PM at the Pepins’, Wednesday at 6:30PM at the Jordans’.

We’ll begin break down at +15 minutes.

Birthdays and anniversaries; ask someone to lead in prayer over those people.